Biro doodles: Birds edition

As much as I love insects, I find myself liking birds a lot more, so I thought i'd stop being lazy and have a proper go at drawing a couple. The first was yesterday, and I did the other this morning. They're just copies from books, done simply with black pen. (The images aren't great, because I took them with my blackberry)....

Great Tit:

And Goldcrest:

more to come...



Had one of the best days at Tophill today! Physical labour was off the cards, so got to spend the whole day birdwatching. And this began even before I got there, when I woke up to see a Sparrowhawk perched on a nearby roof for a good 5 minutes from bedroom window! And the Raptors kept on coming. Osprey (Which I am pleased to say I spotted and id'd (This was confirmed)) over Borough Pits, Kestrels, and what after my noticing, John came to the conclusion was a Marsh Harrier , over north Marsh.

I also Got to see the Black Necked grebe for the third time, this time with great views solely through bins! The very vivid red eye being visible to me for the first time because of this.

Finally I had 2 firsts today: A Ruff (although unfortunately only flying over, despite John and I searching for one for a good part of the morning), and Gold crests, of which I saw 4. Whistling like them really does work!..

Unfortunately I have no pictures so this could all be some elaborate lie, but John did get an absolutely brilliant shot of the Black Necked Grebe!



Welcome everyone to my Blog. Which I am going to do properly this time around. 

Basically, this is my weekly summary of all the interesting wildlife experiences I've had. I can't promise a whole load of pictures, but i'll try and make it as interesting as possible, and hopefully one day I'll be able to have lots of great pictures once I have the equipment!

Just a bit about me finally: My name is Jess, I'm 18 and I live in East Yorkshire. I'm hopefully going to study Spanish w/ Translation at Hull Uni in September, and other than Wildlife I'm also interested in Shopping and Comedy.

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I would just like to finish by saying I am aware that the pink cuckoo is not an actual species.